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Quite entertaining. While I do think the doodles couldv'e been more accurate, I admire the work put in especially the insights into how people should show their mistakes. The 2 secrets hidden in the presentation were also awesome. I know 3 sounds low but I know you can draw better!! Thanks.

Creator-Sama responds:

Well it was my first time trying to chibi-fy something freehand and I've never drawn these before. I prefer drawing objects. ;P

Thank you so much for the helpful critique! I'm glad you liked it!

And yeah, I'm disappointed in people who look at their old art as shameful. It's just a reminder of how good you've gotten! When you start thinking you're not very good, go back and look at your old art. If you hide it then it not only discourages you, but other artists who want to be at your level someday.

Good luck to all you aspiring artists out there!!

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First off I don't know if this is original with all the advertersmernts but I'll assume it is. This game was better than normal but I felt the combat wasn't fluid enough. I thought the music, the stylization, the art, fighting moves, and story was very nice but The combat is the most important part of this game and sometimes it can be clunky so even if it made the game seem too easy I'd say make the kills quicker and therefore more satisfying.

This game was very strange and most of the english in it was hard to understand at times. The "story" was very vague and could have used a lot more explanation. I get we killed the kid because we have multiple personality disorder but it was so sloppily done It didn't really bring me much enjoyment outside of the little mouse quicktime events which was the only redeeming quality that made it feel like some sort of game and not just some... thing. i don't know.

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This Game was freakin hard. The way you orbit around this thing is pretty tough to control but I think this is pretty sweet. The music was fuckin boss. The Rainbows were bossin fuck. overall. good game... My score was somethin like 12,000. BEAT THAT!

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